To sleep or not to sleep…

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question!

This little guy stopped by the studio for his first portraits when he was 4 weeks old. Beyond the first two weeks newborns are not generally on for snoozing very much. This little boy decided right from the get go that he was likely to miss something if he shut his eyes for too long! ( In fact the second portrait was taken when he took his one and only 10 minute nap). Mom and I hung out, had coffee, had cakes. hung out some more . That bakery/cafe downstairs comes in mighty handy at times. When I can’t work on curled up poses because babies won’t fall asleep I focus very much on Mom and baby and interactions. For me as the photographer those sort of images give me real joy. I actually love capturing relationships and the very unique expressions newborns have when they are awake. This is ONE of my most treasured newborn sessions.

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