Hello Again

It was great to meet with this young man again for his high school senior portraits recently. I had first met his family for a late fall group portrait session a couple a years ago. I worked on some other portraits with him last year too. It was easy to pick up the conversation where we left off from last time. I like to talk a lot at my high school senior sessions. Actually I like to chat away at any session unless we are trying to keep a newborn asleep. For the teens it’s a good way to get them feeling relaxed and makes for an easy going session. If I don’t know anything about the teens who come and meet me I like to find out some information on what interests them before the session.


Choices, choices…

I am just about to start work preparing portraits for this family so I thought it an appropriate time to post some images from the session here on my blog. This happened to be a really lovely warm Fall evening which worked great for these young children. Mom had a very hard time choosing portraits as there were so many special images. Likewise I had a difficult time making my picks for the blog too!

High School Senior

Here’s a quick look back at a high school senior session held last month and I’m missing the Fall color already! This was a fun session with lots of portraits to choose from. I hope this young lady has  great final year at school.

We are now right into winter landscapes and temperatures. We will still be holding shortened outdoor sessions as long as temperatures hold up enough to be out in nature without feeling too cold. Outfits need to be planned for the weather though!


Dodging The Raindrops

It was touch and go whether this session would take place. The ground was still wet from earlier rain and the heavy clouds still hung around. However it all worked out. We saved sitting in the grass until as late as possible and the clouds actually helped the Fall colors pop. Fun shoot with a fun family!



Backyard Get Together

As always, it was great to photograph these children once again for their annual Fall photo session. This year, the meet place was their back yard. This worked out perfectly for the youngest sibling. Being in familiar surroundings can be an ideal for very young toddlers so a garden or backyard with some open shade works very nicely.




Recently a few of my session inquiries have mentioned they saw me on the CBS TV website, I am pleased to find I am now featured on their website in an article on the best portrait photographers in the Boston area. A number of my new clients who have found me via that website have said they were drawn to my classic timeless style, I really appreciate the exposure CBS has given that has allowed such clients who share my artistic tastes to find me.

Creating a story with pictures.

I have just spent this evening preparing a collage and storyboard from this session. We had a lot of special images from this shoot and they go so well together in a collage format. It’s like telling a story with photographs. I was very happy to spend time with this family, such easy going parents and fun kids prefect for a portrait session! OK enough reminiscing, got to get back to the rest of the order preparation!



In luck with the light.

It was a pleasure to meet this young lady recently. I photographed her older sister previously. We had some fantastic evening light for the session in a couple of locations, pure gold light for the golden hour. The golden hour is when there light is at it’s best for photos. Sometimes though the golden hour is a short 15 minutes, depending on the time of year. Often the light is not that golden either. Cooler evenings make the light seem more blue and cold. You just have to go with what nature deals you. We got dealt a very good hand for this particular evening!  I had quite a few favorites from this shoot and it was tough to select for the blog. I wish her the very best for college next year.




It’s all in the location.

This was a session every photographer would rather avoid. Nothing to do with the family who were wonderful. In fact the girl was one of the best almost 3 year old’s I have photographed. The problem was the weather. We were happily working our way through the session when a thunderstorm popped up out of nowhere. We had to relocate to two different locations until we got enough distance from the storm to complete the shoot. All ended well and we have some gorgeous portraits. Thank you to the family for being most accommodating and very relaxed about  the unforeseen circumstances!


Talk Of The Town

I so enjoyed this session although it went on longer than usual. Generally the guys coming in for senior sessions prefer to get the photos over and done with as quickly as possible. With this in mind I suggested that the younger brother come along for some photos as well. They were both so easy going we went through the regular session time and then some too. They were such  good sports for staying until dark. It was also great spending some time with students from my own kids school district and talking about some familiar town/school subjects including sport and band. I was extremely impressed with this high school senior’s commitment to school issues including fundraising for the band.  I am sure he is going to be very successful in his future years.