One Family Two Sessions

It’s been a while since I blogged but here is a family that I really enjoyed photographing. I first met Mom, Dad and son last Fall for a lovely outdoor session which is featured in another blog entry. It was great to revisit with them back in February at their home for a newborn family session with the arrival of their daughter. I combined portraits from both sessions here. I hope they are doing well and enjoying their summer.

Acton child photographer portrait

Acton family portrait

Newborn portrait with sibling

Newborn at home portrait

Remember November

At the start of the summer I posted this delightful image of a toddler and his best furry friend and promised some more of this session from last fall, well here they are. We seem to be on a roll with dogs being featured on the blog and here’s another one… this was another well behaved dog – I wonder where all the naughty ones are, I never seem to get them! This session was done last November which can be a great month for fall color and late afternoon golden sunshine and when I tend to have some more openings if you’re trying to schedule a session. In fact there is often more “fall color” in this month than the preceding ones, as the color is on the floor where I can include it in photos rather than up high in the trees!

Dog licking boy

Toddler in fall leaves

Boston fall colors photographer

Brothers in the studio

Mother and newborn

Boston baby portrait

Boston baby photographs

I’d taken portraits of this young boy previously as a newborn, now he brought in his new baby brother. It’s always special to capture those very first interactions between new siblings, and we also had some lovely timeless images of baby alone and mother and baby – a great session!

Two Brothers In Studio

Baby brother studio portrait

Concord studio photograph

Boy playing with train

Here’s a selection from a recent studio session. A kiss and a look from the eldest brother was just enough to bring out adorable expressions from the little guy.  A big thank you to the eldest brother for helping me get the attention of his sibling. He worked very hard as my assistant when he wasn’t in the portraits!

First Days Of Fall

Toddler portrait

running toddler

Lincoln toddler

Fall has officially begun. This evenings shoot  felt like it was the last hurrah to summer. It was a warm with beautiful light to match. I very much enjoyed my time capturing some moments between this mom and her 18 month old son. He was delightful.

Hats Off

 Last week, this little guy came to the studio……

Baby boy studio portrait

 with a very stylish cap.

Boston metrowest baby photographer

He wore it for all of FIVE seconds. I’ll take five. Five is better than none and it was enough to capture a couple of lovely portraits including this one.

 Baby portrait

and then before I knew it the cap was gone!

2 Year Old, Model Session

I had a fun time with this little guy. Just take a look at that beautiful smile.  He needed some portraits for his model portfolio.  He rather liked my wooden truck  that I brought along and lucky for him there was lots of mud around for him to push it through! Despite all the dirt and puddles he kept his very smart outfit very clean. That’s pretty impressive for a two year old!




Flower Girl

 One of my sessions this week was with this delightful 18 month old girl. Children of this age love to explore anything that’s not near the photographer, eat and drink and have Mom or Dad close at hand so I took some extra time here to capture some special images. She even bought her own pail to put flowers in (and snacks too)!

Newton MA baby portrait

Newton child portrait

Bubbles and Smiles

 Blowing bubbles led to lots of smiles and excitement from this lovely toddler. She even did a fantastic job saying the word “bubbles” and trying to blow some herself!

 Portrait near Gardner, Massachusetts

Central Massachusetts portrait