Remember November

At the start of the summer I posted this delightful image of a toddler and his best furry friend and promised some more of this session from last fall, well here they are. We seem to be on a roll with dogs being featured on the blog and here’s another one… this was another well behaved dog – I wonder where all the naughty ones are, I never seem to get them! This session was done last November which can be a great month for fall color and late afternoon golden sunshine and when I tend to have some more openings if you’re trying to schedule a session. In fact there is often more “fall color” in this month than the preceding ones, as the color is on the floor where I can include it in photos rather than up high in the trees!

Dog licking boy

Toddler in fall leaves

Boston fall colors photographer

Newborn at home (in Littleton!)

This session was unusual in a number of ways and made a pleasant change of routine. In these days of the internet and Google searches I find that most of my clients aren’t from my immediate surrounding towns. I get many clients from Boston and from towns throughout Massachusetts, and some from even further afield! These clients usually travel to my studio in West Concord above Nashoba Bakery or to one of the local parks I recommend. This family however was from my hometown in Littleton, which gave me the rare opportunity to do a newborn shoot indoors at their house.
Doing a portrait session in a house can be quite a tricky prospect, often the light is low and there is not much room to maneuver. The art of the photographer in these cases is too find the right combination of good light and uncluttered backgrounds that do not distract from the subject. In this case to add some variety a handheld flash was also used for some of the images to subtly add some extra light by ‘bouncing’ it off the walls of the room rather than pointed directly at the family to avoid any harsh shadows. This couple and their newborn made for perfect subjects, even the dog jumped in for a few shots. So it ended up being a great session and to top it all it was just a two minute drive around the corner back home again!

boston metrowest baby photographer

family baby and dog portrait

best boston baby photographer

Baby and mother

A splash of summer color

This session took place at one of my favorite locations, whatever time of year it is there are always settings available that produce great portraits. In this summer session there were wild flowers in the field to provide little splashes of color, which complemented the  lovely summer dress this little girl was wearing. I’m busy working on this order right now, here are some of the great images I’ve done already as I work my way through it:

Outdoor baby portrait

Boston child outdoor portrait

Baby in grass

Newborn in Studio

Here we are into November and one thing is always the same at this time of year. I get very backdated with my blog. I’m taking a quick break from print work to post some images from a newborn session in studio. We keep our style very simple for these sessions, with minimal props. The use of a textured blanket for posing may be the only item. One of my favorite parts of these sessions is moments mother and baby share as can be seen  here.


In Studio

Just playing catch up here with some studio sessions from earlier in the Summer. Just had to blog a couple from this Saturday morning session. Such a lovely easy going family and lots of smiles from the youngest little guy!


8 Month Old In Studio

Here’s a beautiful little girl. Love the smile in the third image.  I photographed her sister at exactly at the same age @ 8 months old and it’s was a delight to see the family back in studio again. Loved  the cream dress here. Sometimes some dresses can look fussy on babies particularly if there’s lots of bows and the fabric is stiff. This one was simple in design, with soft pleated fabric to give some added texture and detail.  Perfect for portraits!

Sound Asleep

This is the first newborn baby to visit my studio and sleep the entire session. This beautiful baby girl opened one eye just a tiny bit for a couple of seconds and that was it! It was great to also see her brother who I had also photographed as a newborn. He is now a busy young toddler and preferred some action down at the park to camera time. Quite understandable!  I just loved working on these proofs. I prepared the viewing gallery ahead of time, as I could not keep my myself away from the images.


Newborn Session To Share

This was a beautiful session. My pick for the blog happens to be all sleeping poses but this newborn girl was quite awake for some of the session. The result was a great mix of images. Mom and Dad made some great wall portrait choices. The trio of standouts they selected looked really stunning when they came back from the lab!

To sleep or not to sleep…

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question!

This little guy stopped by the studio for his first portraits when he was 4 weeks old. Beyond the first two weeks newborns are not generally on for snoozing very much. This little boy decided right from the get go that he was likely to miss something if he shut his eyes for too long! ( In fact the second portrait was taken when he took his one and only 10 minute nap). Mom and I hung out, had coffee, had cakes. hung out some more . That bakery/cafe downstairs comes in mighty handy at times. When I can’t work on curled up poses because babies won’t fall asleep I focus very much on Mom and baby and interactions. For me as the photographer those sort of images give me real joy. I actually love capturing relationships and the very unique expressions newborns have when they are awake. This is ONE of my most treasured newborn sessions.

Studio Session Nov 2011

 Here’s a couple of portraits from a studio session towards the end of 2011. I love doing 6-8 month baby and family portraits in studio. This one was no exception. Good luck to this family who are relocating this month.