Best Family Photographer in Boston

I was very pleased to find that last month Jane McDonagh Photography was honored as one of the top 5 family photographers in Boston on the CBS site.
It is always a pleasure to be so recognized when there are so many photographers in the area, but what was particularly satisfying was the comment “her photography has a classic, tasteful eye” because this is what I like to think makes my work stand out. I believe the strength of my work has always been the timeless quality of a classic composition with perfect lighting which is then subtly and artfully polished with the sophisticated use of professional photo editing tools. The results are images of elegance whose apparent simplicity belie the work and experience required to create them. I know I am lucky to get the feedback of clients who discern this quality and appreciate great art and tell me this is why they chose me to take their family portraits, but it is gratifying that the work put into crafting these images is also more widely recognized in an online publication.

CBS best Boston family photographer












Meanwhile this record breaking winter goes on but it hasn’t stopped clients from braving the elements to visit my studio – it has been the busiest start to the year I’ve ever had and I will soon start blogging some of the recent lovely sessions. In the meantime I was browsing through some old images and this one caught my attention as the perfect antidote to the piles of snow surrounding us at the moment. The dreamlike quality of this image certainly makes me dream of flowers in Spring!

Picking spring flowers


Recently a few of my session inquiries have mentioned they saw me on the CBS TV website, I am pleased to find I am now featured on their website in an article on the best portrait photographers in the Boston area. A number of my new clients who have found me via that website have said they were drawn to my classic timeless style, I really appreciate the exposure CBS has given that has allowed such clients who share my artistic tastes to find me.

Concord Fall Festival

We will be exhibiting at the Concord Fall Festival being held at The Old Manse this weekend. (October 10-13.)  The festival includes exhibits by other local artists, produce for sales by local farmers and artisans, poetry readings and lots more.

Mike is taking some time this fall to photograph landscapes. Recently he got up even earlier than the kids (that’s quite something) and spent some time in Concord. Here’s a couple of landscapes from his dawn session.

Concord North Bridge

Concord Fall Festival

Published in BetterPhoto book

 Last year I was contacted by Jim Miotke, the owner of the BetterPhoto website. He asked to use some of my images in his latest photography guide book, “Photographing Children”, which I was more than happy to do as I’ve enjoyed entering the photography competitions on that site in the past. This book is great for anyone wanting to learn how to take improved photos of their children and is currently in the top 10 of photography books on Amazon.

BetterPhoto book

Feature article in magazine

I was pleased to be featured in the current issue of  Design Aglow , a magazine for professional wedding and portrait photographers. It is very satisfying to have your work recognized by your peers and to share page space with some of the most popular contempory artists in the field of portrait photography.

Design Aglow magazine article

PPAM print competition

I recently entered the the 2008 Professional Photographers of Massachusetts print competition and was thrilled to receive the “Judge’s Favorite” rosette for this image, it is one of my favorites too!

The Midas Meadow

I was also honored to have the photograph (below) entitled “School Rush Hour” selected for a blue ribbon merit award:

Morning Rush Hour

I’m now planning some images for future competition entries and will be looking for models in the spring/summer to take part in concept shoots. I’ll be posting about this in the near future. If you have kids or teens who may be interested in taking part in such a session please contact me.

Acton Barn Preschool DVD and Book Project


During the last few months of this past school year I have been working on a photo journal project documenting the wonder and joy of preschool life at Acton Barn Co-operative Preschool. All proceeds from the sale of the DVD/book resulting from this project will go towards securing a permanent home for the school.

I’d like to say thank you to all the  Barn families who so far have purchased copies of the DVD slideshow. I hope you enjoyed viewing the DVD as much as I did taking pictures of your wonderful children! Many families also bought book vouchers and I am looking forward to choosing photos for the book over the Summer. Thank you to Pauline and Torri for their hard work promoting this fundraiser at school. Thanks also to Carol and all the teachers for allowing me to spend time in such a nuturing and creative environment!

A reminder that the deadline for all orders is June 20th.