Best Family Photographer in Boston

I was very pleased to find that last month Jane McDonagh Photography was honored as one of the top 5 family photographers in Boston on the CBS site.
It is always a pleasure to be so recognized when there are so many photographers in the area, but what was particularly satisfying was the comment “her photography has a classic, tasteful eye” because this is what I like to think makes my work stand out. I believe the strength of my work has always been the timeless quality of a classic composition with perfect lighting which is then subtly and artfully polished with the sophisticated use of professional photo editing tools. The results are images of elegance whose apparent simplicity belie the work and experience required to create them. I know I am lucky to get the feedback of clients who discern this quality and appreciate great art and tell me this is why they chose me to take their family portraits, but it is gratifying that the work put into crafting these images is also more widely recognized in an online publication.

CBS best Boston family photographer












Meanwhile this record breaking winter goes on but it hasn’t stopped clients from braving the elements to visit my studio – it has been the busiest start to the year I’ve ever had and I will soon start blogging some of the recent lovely sessions. In the meantime I was browsing through some old images and this one caught my attention as the perfect antidote to the piles of snow surrounding us at the moment. The dreamlike quality of this image certainly makes me dream of flowers in Spring!

Picking spring flowers

Sound Of Silence

Yes it’s been rather quiet on my blog recently. But that’s about to end. Coming soon…

Mini Session package special

My favorite studio session of the year ( to date)

Peeks from other shoots including the the beginning of the outdoor season.

More to follow…….



Mini Sessions Are Back

We are running weekday mini studio sessions February through March. The sessions last 30 minutes, with approximately 10-12 images to view. Cost is $170 including a $100 credit to apply toward the purchase of prints. These mini sessions are perfect for individual child/portrait sessions or for sibling portraits and were very popular last Winter.  Unfortunately minis are not long enough for family or newborn shoots. Those type of sessions require full shoots. Please visit our website under specials or contact the studio for more information. Looking forward to hearing from old and new clients interested in scheduling one of these sessions!

2012 and looking forward..

I’ve done quite a lot of blogs on late 2011 sessions. We’ve been working with new clients at the studio this month and we’ll be ready to show some 2012 sessions shortly.

So what else is new for 2012?

We are now introducing standouts to the list of products we offer to clients. The display standouts we have at the studio are regularly admired by clients. We also get a lot of people wanting to display small images together in their homes. So we are offering small sized standouts that can be purchased in groups to create a small wall gallery.  ( Bigger sized standouts will be available of course.)

Standout portraits do not require framing. A standout comprises of a portrait print bonded to 3/4 inch lightweight substrate and banded with either black, white, light wood or stainless steel. Hanging holes are placed on the backside for instant wall mounting.

At  least 2 standouts must be purchased. Generally arrangements of 3 or more are the most effective. Sample standout wall galleries will be on display at the studio within  the next few weeks.

Studio Mini Sessions Through May

Our studio mini session offer has been popular through the winter months. We are extending it through May. The sessions are available weekdays for up to 2 people. Tuesday/Thursday are the main studio days but other weekdays can be accomodated.  Perfect for invidivual baby portrait, sibling photos, even Mom and daughter portraits for upcoming Mothers Day. The session lasts up to 30 minutes with 10-12 proofs shown. The session fee is $65. These are perfect sessions for young kids or babies who perhaps do not have the attention span to last a full shoot. It’s also a nice opportunity to meet the photographer, view products and see if it’s something you want to do on a regular basis to record your kids moments as they grow up. Details are shown on the main website under “Specials” but hurry as space is limited.

Like we said previously our session blogs are taking a different form this year. Over the next few days we’ll post some of our favorite images ( hard choices to make) from some of our February/March studio sessions.

Mini Sessions Through April

We’re extending the special studio mini sessions through April. Quite a few of you who booked have needed to reschedule due to kids being ill. We understand. Sometimes early Spring is worse than Winter for sniffles and fevers. In addition, this lengthy cold snap means we don’t plan to be outside for sessions in the near future.  With all that in mind we figured it was a good idea to extend the offer. Mini session details can be found on the main website under specials.

Testing, Testing…….

Boston studio photographer

concord studio portrait

Boston child studio portrait

Child studio portrait

We added a new backdrop at the studio this week and here are some test portraits. The backdrop is very subtle here as we are using a shallow depth of field but even when the pattern shows through it looks good.  It’s a nice alternative to plain backgrounds that I still love to use. Don’t forget we are currently offering mini shoots at the studio. A girl dressed in a dark or light plain colored dress or a boy in jeans and a black or white shirt would make for some classic style portraits using this set up. Does classic make you think of formal photography? I certainly like to create a more serene feel to some of my images but it can be about fun too. What got the laugh here? I tripped over my stool!

March Mini Sessions

We are offering mini sessions at the studio during the month of March. These short 30 minute shoots are best for individual child and baby portraits or sibling  images.  The session fee is $65 and a 10% discount is available on wall portraits. The sessions are offered primarily on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We may be able to accommodate some bookings on other weekdays. These special sessions are not available at the weekends.  Please visit the website “specials”  for details and contact the studio if you are interested in scheduling a session.

Vermont with the wide angle lens

On the trail, Quechee, Vermont

Marshland Inn at Qeuchee, Vermont

 These portraits were taken with a 16-35mm wide angle lens. It’s not a piece of glass that I use very often in portrait work as I’ll always opt for other lenses first. In mid December we went up to Vermont and in an attempt to make friends with my 16-35mm I left all my other lenses at home. It turned very cold whilst we were there and mindful of not subjecting the kids to too much of the camera the shoot time was short. Here’s a couple from then.