Here’s a preview of the albums I sell. They are a popular purchase at the moment and are a great addition to an order. The albums are handmade in black leather and come in a lined presentation box.   Albums are offered for 5×4, 7×5 and 10×8 prints.  Clients who spend $350 on prints can purchase albums at 10% off the a la carte price. 20%  and 30% discounts are also offered at other print purchase amounts.

Album product

Photo album for family portraits

Album display

7×5 album (foreground)   10×8 album (background)

My Kind Of Senior Session

My last entry prompted me to give you a bit more insight into my approach to high school senior shoots.

In many cases a senior session is booked because students need a portrait for the upcoming school yearbook. All the students I work with have reasonably relaxed school photo requirements with no specific poses or backgrounds.  During the one hour session we devote half the time to head and shoulder portraits.  The rest of the session concentrates on more environmental or arty images.  The end result is a proof gallery which has a great variety of photographs.  The students and their families always love what they see, buy portraits and comment on what a great memory it makes. After all, finishing high school and moving on to college is an important milestone and worth capturing with photos!

Maybe you have no choice but to go with a assigned school photographer for a standard required yearbook portrait.  No problem.  You can still consider booking a separate session with me which reflects your style. Modern traditional, urban chic or country casual… lots of possibilities for fun, fresh photos.

Check out my senior gallery on my main website and contact me if you are interested in a session.

High School Girl #2

Here’s another fun session from this week with a lovely girl busy getting ready for her final school year and making college choices. She has a fabulous smile and I think the weather thought that too. After threatening rain the sun reappeared just as we started the shoot!

Lincoln-Sudbury senior yearbook photo

Lincoln Sudbiry high school yearbook photo portrait

Lincoln Sudbury senior portrait

Newborn Session

 This little guy was 10 days old when I met him last week. Here are some portraits of him sound asleep although he decided to delay his naptime until we were well into the session!

Newborn portrait

Boston baby photographer

Newborn family portrait

‘Tis The Season

Time has come around again to photograph high school seniors. Here’s my first session for the class of 2010 and this girl was just wonderful to photograph. We shot on location and at the studio and I’m excited with the results.

This young lady has been working hard with her studies all Summer but she seemed very relaxed for our shoot. I hope she gets to chill out for the rest of her vacation and I wish her all the best for her forthcoming academic year.

Concord Carlisle senior yearbook photo

Carlisle senior yearbook photo

Concord yearbook portrait

Carlisle MA senior studio portrait

Policy Change – Minimum Print Orders

Starting September 2009 all full studio and outdoor sessions will require a minimum print order of $300. Clients are not required to pre purchase a print credit but no orders will be accepted unless they meet this requirement and proofs will be cancelled. We fully understand that there are families who would love to schedule a session and have a smaller budget to work with. For this reason we have have shorter sessions on offer and also run seasonal promotions.
Why the new policy?
The studio devotes a lot of time to the planning, photography and gallery preparation for full sessions. The range of images presented is aimed at giving the client choices for wall gallery arrangements, albums, storyboard designs as well as gift prints. When the intention is simply to choose a couple of desk prints a lot of work on the part of the studio is surplus to requirements and many lovely images are passed by.
How do I know if I want to purchase $300 plus of prints?
As part of considering a customized portrait session clients need to think about what type of prints and products they want. The purchase of two wall size prints and a selection of desk portraits will meet this ordering criteria. Many clients love their images and spend more than planned. Full sessions are best suited for those who are intending to display wall portraits or a wide selection of desk prints or planning albums. Jane will ask you what type of prints or products you are interested in when inquiries are made as a way of finding the session type that is right for you.
What if I only want to purchase a couple of desk prints as gifts?
Let us know the reason for you wanting some portraits and we will match the session to your needs. Mini shoots are ideal for specific themes or small orders. You can also request to go on our mailing list for future promotional short sessions. 


I have complained a few times this summer about the weather but no more. It’s been super hot this week and its made for some fabulous hazy sunsets. Hot days and happy kids, long may it last!

sunset portrait

sun flare photo

An August Evening

Families are often keen to see a session preview here on the blog, I usually have this done about three days following the session. Sometimes though I am very excited about the images and post them early. Here’s an early post… 

Chelmsford child portrait

Family portrait massachusetts

Child portrait metrowest boston

Two Favorites

After loading images from a session onto my computer I always look through the thumbnails for some special picks. Sometimes when the full image appears on my screen I think…I LOVE IT! Here’s two from this week that made me think just that.

Natural light child portrait outdoors

Child in field of flowers

Family Session

It’s a big wide world out there if you’re just 8 months old. There’s plenty to look at, touch, pick and try to eat. (If Dad’s not looking.)  I mean who wants to look at a silly lady with a camera anyway! I had to be quick with this little girl to capture a few glances cast my way. She is rather lovely though and we had perfect light for this family session. It’s nice to get back to meeting new families and taking their portraits. I’ve got some delightful images to work on from this session.

Due to the light, evenings are the best time for outdoor sessions. However it can be a difficult part of the day for some babies which makes parents reluctant to schedule a photo session.  Obviously early evening isn’t suitable for all but if after supper your youngster has some mellow time then it’s worth giving it a try even if it’s just for a mini session.

Bedford MA portrait photograph

Bedford Ma family portrait

Metrowest Boston family portrait photograph