Policy Change – Minimum Print Orders

Starting September 2009 all full studio and outdoor sessions will require a minimum print order of $300. Clients are not required to pre purchase a print credit but no orders will be accepted unless they meet this requirement and proofs will be cancelled. We fully understand that there are families who would love to schedule a session and have a smaller budget to work with. For this reason we have have shorter sessions on offer and also run seasonal promotions.
Why the new policy?
The studio devotes a lot of time to the planning, photography and gallery preparation for full sessions. The range of images presented is aimed at giving the client choices for wall gallery arrangements, albums, storyboard designs as well as gift prints. When the intention is simply to choose a couple of desk prints a lot of work on the part of the studio is surplus to requirements and many lovely images are passed by.
How do I know if I want to purchase $300 plus of prints?
As part of considering a customized portrait session clients need to think about what type of prints and products they want. The purchase of two wall size prints and a selection of desk portraits will meet this ordering criteria. Many clients love their images and spend more than planned. Full sessions are best suited for those who are intending to display wall portraits or a wide selection of desk prints or planning albums. Jane will ask you what type of prints or products you are interested in when inquiries are made as a way of finding the session type that is right for you.
What if I only want to purchase a couple of desk prints as gifts?
Let us know the reason for you wanting some portraits and we will match the session to your needs. Mini shoots are ideal for specific themes or small orders. You can also request to go on our mailing list for future promotional short sessions. 

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