Vermont Ending

“All good things must come to an end.”

Ok, well I don’t always believe this saying but in the case of my summer vacation it certainly rings true. Here’s an image of my daughter playing ballerina on the shores of Lake Champlain, Vermont. I hurried to the State Park at sundown right where near where were staying. Unfortunately I only got 5 minutes to take my photographs before the gates were locked. The view of the pink sunset across the Adirondacks was stunning but neither my daughter or I would have been too thrilled to spend a dark night on the beach if we got shut in. “Too buggy”, as my daughter said! (A reference to the large insect population in the area.)

In my second image my son was searching for fossils just after a rainshower had passed by. The varied weather and the fact that my kids were often at shore until dark ( we rent a lovely house right on the lake) was the perfect opportunity for capturing portraits with interesting light situations. If time permits, Mike will post some of his captures from the week. 

Turning attention to more immediate matters. To all current clients,  outstanding galleries and orders are now being worked on. New inquiries will be answered this week.


Burlington vermont portrait photo in Lake Champlain