Seasons End

Girl in fall leaves

Boston child portrait photographer

Brother and sister fall portrait

We had a chilly afternoon for this shoot.  The shades of brown nutmeg and cinammon we now see all around is natures way of saying that the curtain is coming down on Autumn. These two kids were just wonderful and this was a gem of a session! As darkness was falling I spotted one last pool of light on some freshly fallen yellow leaves on the way back to the car. Despite being cold, the children were gracious enough to try a few last shots in the fading light. It was well worth giving it a go! This is going to be a gorgeous gallery. 

Outdoor sessions will still be offered on week by week basis, depending on the weather. Due to the time change mini sessions are more appropriate for children on weekdays.

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  1. Ali

    a small thank U for your lovely pictures! they R wonderful!
    when I see them I remember songs of jason mraz like “life is wonderful’ or ‘lucky’
    best wishes

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