Newborn In Studio

Baby photographer

Mom and baby portrait photograph

I was glad we could squeeze in this newborn session the day before Christmas Eve. This beautiful little baby girl was just two weeks old. At holiday time children show us the joy of the season in many ways. What could be more joyful than the arrival of a new baby. I hope this family had a wonderful Christmas together.

We have been taking a break from the studio this past week so we can spend this special time with our kids. Mike and I worked hard to get holiday orders to people right up to Christmas Eve and we are back now preparing outstanding proof galleries and working on print orders. For those families waiting on orders or galleries we will be in contact early in the new year.

We would like to send our clients our very best wishes for 2011. We look forward to seeing some of you again for your portraits in the new year.

Winter Family Outdoor Shoot

Family portrait

Concord family portrait

Teen sisters portrait

We had a temperature near zero at the time of this session and had to wrap up in coats and scarves in between shots but it was well worth it. Im starting to really like early Winter outdoor light. This was a fun shoot with a great family. After the session it was their main mission to find a cafe for a very hot drink. Hope their mission was accomplished!

The Unplanned Moments

Mom and baby black and white

Family studio with baby

Here’s a snapshot of a newborn/family shoot from last week. I like to work on specific baby poses for newborn sessions but sometimes there are unplanned moments that make the most intimate special portraits. The first one is just this. I love this image!

It was great seeing this family again. I photographed the eldest boy when he was a newborn. He’s now growing up into one supercute energetic guy. His little brother was not on for sleeping during this session. I guess there was too much going on to interest him. I think these two brothers are going to form quite a partnership!

Six Week Old In Studio

Mom and baby

Daddy and baby

Baby portrait photographer

This lovely six week old boy was a visitor to my studio last week. Although we couldn’t focus on the typical newborn shots ( first two weeks of life) it was still a great chance to capture some memories. He was awake for the whole session and showed himself to be a very mellow little guy!

Twos Company

Twins portrait

Twins with building blocks

These 8 month old twins were certainly great company in studio recently. They kept us busy and we had lots of fun. Mom and dad are currently enjoying viewing their proof gallery from this session. Our blog posts are a little behind schedule as we are presently working hard to fulfill our clients holiday print orders. We are still booking session this month but unfortunately cannot have portraits ready for the holidays.

Third Time Lucky?

Black and white girl portrait

bashful portrait

This was my third session with this little girl. The quote, “Third Time Lucky” sprung to mind as I was typing this entry. Really though, I never need luck when photographing this little girl. She’s really super to be around.  She rather felt like asserting her independence in studio this time. A sign she’s growing up I think! We got some smiles from her though. The second portrait was taken whilst we played a little game of peepo. I like playing games with toddlers. Although when I have to take photographs at the same time I always wish I had four hands.

Four Month Old And family In Studio

Family baby studio portrait

Baby studio portrait

When booking baby portrait sessions I always encourage parents to be in some of the portraits even if they were not planning to. Mom and Dad to this lovely girl wanted to have baby portraits taken.  However I had to ask them to be in more of the portraits than planned as that was when their daughter was the happiest. It worked out well.

Outdoor Family Session

Concord family portrait

Brothers and sister portrait

I really enjoyed this recent family session. Very late Fall or Winter scenery can really make for some super portraits.  This family had to contend with a rather chilly end to the day ( the photgraphers were cold too) but it was well worth it. I love the light we got for the final part of the session.

Mini Shoot To Share

Girl black and white

Fall siblings

Here’s two from another recent late season mini session. It was cold but fun.  I think we all put our coats on ( trying to keep warm) and took them off (trying to take photographs) about twenty times whilst we were out shooting the portraits!