Four Month Old And family In Studio

Family baby studio portrait

Baby studio portrait

When booking baby portrait sessions I always encourage parents to be in some of the portraits even if they were not planning to. Mom and Dad to this lovely girl wanted to have baby portraits taken.  However I had to ask them to be in more of the portraits than planned as that was when their daughter was the happiest. It worked out well.

Outdoor Family Session

Concord family portrait

Brothers and sister portrait

I really enjoyed this recent family session. Very late Fall or Winter scenery can really make for some super portraits.  This family had to contend with a rather chilly end to the day ( the photgraphers were cold too) but it was well worth it. I love the light we got for the final part of the session.

Mini Shoot To Share

Girl black and white

Fall siblings

Here’s two from another recent late season mini session. It was cold but fun.  I think we all put our coats on ( trying to keep warm) and took them off (trying to take photographs) about twenty times whilst we were out shooting the portraits!

In Studio Family Session

Boston baby studio portrait

Boston family portrait

Baby in basket

It was a pleasure taking this family’s portraits. The 6 month old daughter did herself proud. She was quite the star. I used a rich red brocade as a backdrop for a few portraits. It made for a nice seasonal feel to the images. The little girl was so good we even popped her into one of my new tutus for the last shots of the session. I’m glad we did!

Seasons End

Girl in fall leaves

Boston child portrait photographer

Brother and sister fall portrait

We had a chilly afternoon for this shoot.  The shades of brown nutmeg and cinammon we now see all around is natures way of saying that the curtain is coming down on Autumn. These two kids were just wonderful and this was a gem of a session! As darkness was falling I spotted one last pool of light on some freshly fallen yellow leaves on the way back to the car. Despite being cold, the children were gracious enough to try a few last shots in the fading light. It was well worth giving it a go! This is going to be a gorgeous gallery. 

Outdoor sessions will still be offered on week by week basis, depending on the weather. Due to the time change mini sessions are more appropriate for children on weekdays.


Wayland family portrait

Baby black and white

Wayland baby portrait

Studio family portrait

I loved photographing the three older sisters earlier in the Summer and now there are FOUR!  Their youngest sister arrived just 5 days ago and what a little treasure she is.

So for Mom, here are my four portrait picks to get things rolling with regards to the birth announcements.