Hats Off

 Last week, this little guy came to the studio……

Baby boy studio portrait

 with a very stylish cap.

Boston metrowest baby photographer

He wore it for all of FIVE seconds. I’ll take five. Five is better than none and it was enough to capture a couple of lovely portraits including this one.

 Baby portrait

and then before I knew it the cap was gone!

Lots ‘n’ Lots

 Spring and summer in my backyard does not usually present the best natural light for portraits. We are encircled by many tall trees. This year we also have numerous wildflowers so I had to get out the camera. OK maybe wildflowers is a bit too fancy a word for it. We are overrun by weeds especially dandelions. I think this is the end result of nine years avoiding weedkiller. Oh well I suppose if it green and grows I should be happy! 


Fine art portrait

outdoor portrait

More Sisters

 Another sister session to show. These two were delightful and big sister was so bubbly.  Here are some of their individual portraits.

Lexington MA professional photographer


















Lexington MA portrait photography


lexington baby photograph