Fun Family Friday

Carlisle MA family photographer

Boston family photographer

It was a Friday night, it was a family session and it was fun.  I am preparing family group portraits for the gallery but here’s a couple of my favorites from the evening. Love how Mom and Dad were really relaxed in the black and white image. Like the set up for this group shot too. Again Mom and Dad were great at doing their own thing in the background ( family dog too)  adding a nice anecdotal element to the portrait.

Studio Neighbor- NOA Gifts (And a Special Offer Too)

Every girl loves something sparkly. In fact NOA here in West Concord is more than just a regular jewelry store. The business showcases and sells jewellery, fine handcrafts and gifts designed by local and state artisans. It was Mike who discovered this store and he’s a regular there each time he needs a gift. ( Lucky for me!)

I am currently offering one time discount cards for NOA for all my clients who place orders of $250+. When you leave my session or after you have collected your prints you can head over to their West Concord location and check out the store.  Other locations are at Groton and Fruitlands Museum in Harvard.

For more information visit

Studio Neighbor- Nashoba Brook Bakery

My studio is located in West Concord. For people not familiar with the area I thought I’d let you know about some of the cool stores that are my neighbors here in the area.

Firstly the studio is located directly above The Nashoba Brook  Bakery and Cafe. The bakery sells great breads, cakes and sandwiches. It’s a perfect spot for lunch or coffee. It’s great for me as I’m always in there and my clients regular stop by too after their sessions. The cafe’s hot cross buns sold at Easter are THE genuine article. In the thirteen years I’ve lived in the US it’s the only bakery that has produced a bun that comes anywhere close to the original. I am from England, home of the hot cross bun!

For more information on the bakery, visit their site at

Studio Happenings-Artist Sessions

For the next few weeks we are offering a limited number of complimentary sessions in studio. The theme is “The Dress”.

We are looking for girls to come along with their best dress, special dress or simply a favorite dress up outfit.  Maybe there’s an Easter dress hanging in the closet that would be great in a portrait. Other ideas include a flower girl dress, new summer frock, tutu or ballet outfit. The requirement for the session is that a dress must be worn.

A model release form must be signed to allow the studio to use the images in their portfolio. It is not a requirement to purchase prints but if a client chooses to, this is done separately. If you are interested in scheduling a session please contact Jane.


Baby Session To Show

Boston Metrowest baby photographer

Boston baby photographer

Baby studio portrait

 On a very rainy Saturday morning it was a real treat to be inside and photographing this baby girl at the studio. She was super relaxed in front of the lights. I had a lot of fun and was glad we could acommodate Mom’s busy schedule. It was great meeting them both.

Hats Off

 Last week, this little guy came to the studio……

Baby boy studio portrait

 with a very stylish cap.

Boston metrowest baby photographer

He wore it for all of FIVE seconds. I’ll take five. Five is better than none and it was enough to capture a couple of lovely portraits including this one.

 Baby portrait

and then before I knew it the cap was gone!

Lots ‘n’ Lots

 Spring and summer in my backyard does not usually present the best natural light for portraits. We are encircled by many tall trees. This year we also have numerous wildflowers so I had to get out the camera. OK maybe wildflowers is a bit too fancy a word for it. We are overrun by weeds especially dandelions. I think this is the end result of nine years avoiding weedkiller. Oh well I suppose if it green and grows I should be happy! 


Fine art portrait

outdoor portrait

More Sisters

 Another sister session to show. These two were delightful and big sister was so bubbly.  Here are some of their individual portraits.

Lexington MA professional photographer


















Lexington MA portrait photography


lexington baby photograph