High School Senior


Just completed the order from this Fall senior session. One of my favorites. Loved taking the portraits and preparing the images. Wishing this young lady the best of luck for the remainder of the school year and what lies beyond.

Littleton High School Class Of 2017

Your special day has arrived and I hope that the sun continues to shine for the ceremony this evening! I would like to wish all the Littleton High School Class Of 2017 much happiness, joy and success for their chosen paths in the years ahead. It was a delight meeting some of you this year and taking your portraits. It was also a privilege to know some of you as longstanding friends of my son. There’s one guy in this gallery who has been best friends with J since preschool. Good luck A. We hope to see you around for many years to come!

Littleton High School graduation 2017









Is winter done?

It’s been a long winter here in Massachusetts and it feels like an awfully long time since I was out shooting portraits outdoors! This was a senior yearbook session from last fall which reminds me how lovely it will be  to once more be photographing in our beautiful local countryside. This young lady is a Littleton senior, her sister came along too which gave us a chance to take some great sibling portraits as well.



Mixing It Up

Here’s a few selections from a recent studio session for a high school senior. It was hard to pick out portraits for the blog because I had so many favorites. I think his Mom did too! The one good thing about studio is we can mix it up a bit with casual outdoor, formal indoor and as well as working on  some themed images which is great for musicians and sports students. It was a pleasure to photograph this young man and learn about his interests and college plans. I was very impressed with his dedication to his studies and music and I wish him all the very best for his final year at school.

High School Senior Session

Fun session with this high school senior done before the madness of back to school got going. I really liked one of her clothing choices as shown in these portraits. The crochet/lace pattern gave some extra detail and texture with out it being in any way distracting. I am looking forward to receiving the families selections for the yearbook portrait and prints!


In luck with the light.

It was a pleasure to meet this young lady recently. I photographed her older sister previously. We had some fantastic evening light for the session in a couple of locations, pure gold light for the golden hour. The golden hour is when there light is at it’s best for photos. Sometimes though the golden hour is a short 15 minutes, depending on the time of year. Often the light is not that golden either. Cooler evenings make the light seem more blue and cold. You just have to go with what nature deals you. We got dealt a very good hand for this particular evening!  I had quite a few favorites from this shoot and it was tough to select for the blog. I wish her the very best for college next year.




Beyond The Session



This was a really great high school senior session from the Fall. We had nice weather and even fitted in a few clothing changes which made for some nice variety.  I have just completed my print preparation work from this session and all portrait files are with my pro lab for print. We have much work to do following a shoot. Here’s a break down in it’s most simple terms.

1) Load images to computer. Four/five star best images. Approximately three sorts to narrow down to the best ones for editing.

2) Do photoshop work, black and white portraits and cropping.

3) Work on example portraits showing recommended touch ups ( if any). We keep this very natural.

4) Plan sample storyboard designs for clients to view. We select images that we think look great in a storyboard or collage and design it to show the client. Everyone loves this.  My clients usually ask for additional designs. We worked on a 9 image collage from this shoot and it looks great.

5) Load a proof viewing gallery to the server for client to view and help the client with their choices.

6) Prepare images for printing in the size selected. This may involve recropping, touch ups, removal of distracting background objects, noise reduction and selective sharpening for the print size.

7) Blog some selected portraits from the session.

8) Portraits then go into print production at a pro lab.

 9) FINALLY once we are satisfied with the print quality portraits are ready to be collected or shipped. That’s our favorite part. We get intakes of breath, hugs, tears and email messages from clients telling us how much they love their portraits. We know all the work is worth it.

Aaah, sunshine…



 I prepared this blog entry last night as the first flakes of snow were flying here in Littleton.  Thinking back to this session with a really fantastic high school senior helped take my mind away from the Wintry weather. We had such a warm September evening and some great images. It was hard to choose for the blog!