Sound Asleep

This is the first newborn baby to visit my studio and sleep the entire session. This beautiful baby girl opened one eye just a tiny bit for a couple of seconds and that was it! It was great to also see her brother who I had also photographed as a newborn. He is now a busy young toddler and preferred some action down at the park to camera time. Quite understandable!  I just loved working on these proofs. I prepared the viewing gallery ahead of time, as I could not keep my myself away from the images.


Summer Session

This family was so relaxed and easy going. It made the whole session fun for everyone including me and we created some memorable portraits for the family to cherish.


Newborn Session To Share

This was a beautiful session. My pick for the blog happens to be all sleeping poses but this newborn girl was quite awake for some of the session. The result was a great mix of images. Mom and Dad made some great wall portrait choices. The trio of standouts they selected looked really stunning when they came back from the lab!

Together Time and Solo Moments


Such a fun session with these children. We got a great mix of group shots with all the children together and also some individual candid moments.  When you put them together they made such a memorable collection of images. We’ve just finished preparing some special portraits from the shoot. Can’t wait to get them back from the lab. I think they are going to look wonderful.