Aaah, sunshine…



 I prepared this blog entry last night as the first flakes of snow were flying here in Littleton.  Thinking back to this session with a really fantastic high school senior helped take my mind away from the Wintry weather. We had such a warm September evening and some great images. It was hard to choose for the blog!

The Wake Up Call




 Here’s a selection from a recent newborn girl session. Her brother, whom I have photographed a couple of times previously, also came along.  He was gracious enough to hang out with his sister at the start of the session for some brother sister portraits before going off into town to do some exploring with his Aunt. If sibling portraits are part of a newborn shoot it’s best to do them at the start of the session and have someone on hand who can take older children off to a park or cafe whilst the rest of the session takes place. The optimum time for a newborn to visit the studio is around day 5 when baby is happy to sleep for some curled up poses. However we know that is often not possible to schedule. This lovely baby girl came to visit just past the two week stage and she did not sleep for the entire 2  1/2 hours she was with us. I think the trip out was such an adventure she just didn’t want to miss any of the action! When babies decide not to have a snooze we work a lot more on mother baby moments which I think can also be very special.  All in all this was a beautiful session!

Birthday Girl

 Two memories rolled into one with these portraits. Last Sunday my girl turned 7.  She also has quite a spectacular snaggle tooth!  The way it’s being pushed out seems to defy all laws of gravity.  I love this age!



Tummy Time



 The 4-41/2 month age is a great time to bring babies in studio for a portrait session if they are happy lying on their stomachs. We like to time any session for babies when they are at their most cooperative . If we get about 50 minutes relaxed time before tiredness comes around that’s perfect. If we get more than that we’ll go with it too, even if it’s just a few moments cuddling with Mom! This little guy was a perfect guest in studio.

Sunshine In The Studio


 Our best laid plans to get this session done prior to everyone taking their vacation proved rather problematic. We were scheduled to photograph outside and it kept on raining. I’d like to say a big thank you to this family for being so flexible and moving this shoot indoors. It worked out beautifully in large part to the happy relaxed kids that showed up. They were wonderful to photograph. It was like having a little bit of sunshine indoors!

All Out Sisters




Here’s a snapshot from a favorite Summer session with these 4 sisters. This is my third session with this family. I last photographed the girls when the youngest one was born and it here we were at the 6 month milestone. Time flies! I’ve got the feeling these sisters are going to have tons of fun together. Some  great prints and a lovely coffee table book as a memory from the evening are now ready.

Still catching up!





 This is another of my favorite sessions from earlier this summer in the studio, I especially love the sister and brother image. This is shown as it is printed with a digital mat, which have become increasingly popular with my clients. Digital mats allow the image to be framed directly in the frame with no glass needed to hold a mat in place, which means no glare or reflections to spoil the image.


Big brother helping out

 This cute young lady was 6 months old when she came into the studio, at this age sitting up alone can sometimes be a little tricky but fortunately big brother came along to help out! It’s always wonderful to see sibling interactions in the studio, and we always strive to capture these wonderful moments.



A not so recent studio session

 What with a summer vacation in Europe visiting family and all the rush with sessions beforehand I’ve neglected updating the blog with some of my favorite sessions. For this particular session from earlier this summer I think it is well worth the wait. As you can see these children are adorable and were so well behaved too, a pleasure to photograph!



Amsterdam, Cafe Papeneiland


 For a change this is not Jane writing the blog post, but her husband Mike who also sometimes wields the camera on shoots and vacation. Our extended family vacation this Summer took us home to the UK to see family ( that’s the reason why the blog has been quiet for the past few weeks.) As a side trip we headed over to Holland for a few days. This was not a photography holiday but with the 35mm lens at hand there was too good a light and location opportunity to ignore the chance to capture some images at the Cafe Papeneiland, one of the oldest ‘brown cafes’ in Amsterdam, it first opened in 1642! This tiny atmospheric pub/cafe was a  perfect place to shelter from a brief rain shower and enjoy the view from a large window overlooking one of the canals. Of course we had to sample the Dutch apple pie they sold there, so good President Clinton took a whole pie with him when he recently visited!

Once the rain eased off we were back on Amsterdam’s picturesque streets, keeping a good lookout for the many bicycles constantly whizzing by.