Amsterdam, Cafe Papeneiland


 For a change this is not Jane writing the blog post, but her husband Mike who also sometimes wields the camera on shoots and vacation. Our extended family vacation this Summer took us home to the UK to see family ( that’s the reason why the blog has been quiet for the past few weeks.) As a side trip we headed over to Holland for a few days. This was not a photography holiday but with the 35mm lens at hand there was too good a light and location opportunity to ignore the chance to capture some images at the Cafe Papeneiland, one of the oldest ‘brown cafes’ in Amsterdam, it first opened in 1642! This tiny atmospheric pub/cafe was a  perfect place to shelter from a brief rain shower and enjoy the view from a large window overlooking one of the canals. Of course we had to sample the Dutch apple pie they sold there, so good President Clinton took a whole pie with him when he recently visited!

Once the rain eased off we were back on Amsterdam’s picturesque streets, keeping a good lookout for the many bicycles constantly whizzing by.

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