Will time stand still?


 We constantly look forward. What are we doing at the weekend? How many weeks to Christmas? Is it band tomorrow? My daughter asks me every night when I give her a bedtime kiss, ” Mummy what are we doing tomorrow?”.

If instead we look back, is there some hope that time will stand still, even just for a few minutes.

We took a family walk at the beach this past weekend. I was constantly at the back of my crew trying to catch up. Out of sheer frustration I called out to my son. He stopped and looked back. I saw at that moment that he is  no longer my little boy. I love what he is growing into but feel the loss of what he’s leaving behind.

If we take time to look back will time stand still, even just for a few moments? 



Beyond The Session



This was a really great high school senior session from the Fall. We had nice weather and even fitted in a few clothing changes which made for some nice variety.  I have just completed my print preparation work from this session and all portrait files are with my pro lab for print. We have much work to do following a shoot. Here’s a break down in it’s most simple terms.

1) Load images to computer. Four/five star best images. Approximately three sorts to narrow down to the best ones for editing.

2) Do photoshop work, black and white portraits and cropping.

3) Work on example portraits showing recommended touch ups ( if any). We keep this very natural.

4) Plan sample storyboard designs for clients to view. We select images that we think look great in a storyboard or collage and design it to show the client. Everyone loves this.  My clients usually ask for additional designs. We worked on a 9 image collage from this shoot and it looks great.

5) Load a proof viewing gallery to the server for client to view and help the client with their choices.

6) Prepare images for printing in the size selected. This may involve recropping, touch ups, removal of distracting background objects, noise reduction and selective sharpening for the print size.

7) Blog some selected portraits from the session.

8) Portraits then go into print production at a pro lab.

 9) FINALLY once we are satisfied with the print quality portraits are ready to be collected or shipped. That’s our favorite part. We get intakes of breath, hugs, tears and email messages from clients telling us how much they love their portraits. We know all the work is worth it.

Three Plus One




 This was a fun maternity session.  It was a real family affair, Mom, Dad, baby to be and ( not to be upstaged) a very delightful dog.  We had spectacular sundown light but it was a bit on the chilly side so well done to Mom for being very flexible with her outfits regardless of the temperaures. I am excited for the newborn shootthat is coming soon! 


Dressed For The Occasion



 This lovely little girl visited me in studio about 4 months ago. She was back for her 8/9 month session and we made use of the great weather outdoors. She came dressed to impress in a family heirloom dress. It made for some beautiful portraits.



Then there were two…



 I have always enjoyed photographing the eldest sister in past years. Now she has a sister and I get double the fun at portrait time! Nice session with one of my long standing and valued clients!