Milestones and memories in summers that pass by.


Acton MA photographer

Acton photographer

Acton child portrait

I find summers are more emotional milestones in my children’s lives than birthdays and Christmases. Maybe it’s all that time I spend with them and the approaching year change at school that makes me more focused on how much they are growing up.

I have known the children in these three portraits for many years. They are the children of one of my very best friends. I see them more in the summer because they hang out with my kids at the local lake and our pool. When I was asked to do a portrait session with them one of my aims was to capture them alone in their own  little moment. ( In one instance that involved a conversation about a tarantula on Uranus but it’s too complicated to explain.) What really struck me was how much they are growing up. My friend and I hope our kids share summer lake days right up to leaving for college and I hope here are lots more childhood milestones and memories  in the summers that pass us by.

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