An Important Job

 Here we have a couple of older brothers looking after the youngest guy in the family.  They are doing a very nice job of it too! I really enjoyed spending time with these siblings and Mom – I hope they get the chance to explore the park some more.

family acton portrait

black and white portrait

baby portrait

A session and a lesson.

I learned many new things during the session with this young man.  He was an expert on bugs and energy (we found a few insects in between photos) and he also showed me his  RipStik after the shoot. Very cool! I hope he has a wonderful time at his summer camp!

Outdoor portrait

Portrait photograph in Concord

acton photography

Flower Girls ( and little brother too)

 These girls brought along some gerber daisies for their portraits.  They added a nice splash of color and were great for not just holding but waving around too!  Maybe we have a future cheerleeder here in the making! (image 2)  These two sisters have a super lovely little baby brother. I photographed him as a newborn and it’s nice to see him growing up!

Professional portrait in metrowest massachusetts

Acton professional photographer portrait

acton family portrait

Showers and Smiles

 We dodged raindrops and wind and made an unplanned location switch (due to the weather) for these photographs. In the end it all worked out very nicely. I first photographed these two sisters last year and it was great to see them for more portraits this past weekend. I think dressing for the occasion was a big priority for the youngest girl. She was very particular about having her cardigan buttoned up just so!!

Massachusetts child portrait

leominster family portrait

Leominster portrait

leominster photography portrait

Big Hugs!

It was the job of big sister to give the hugs today.  Big sisters are very good at giving big hugs.  From the smallest kiss ( we captured that for the gallery ) to the squeeziest squeeze (see below) it all makes for some special moments.

Acton MA baby portrait

Outdoor portrait Acton MA

Family portait photograph Acton MA

A Suprise For Mother’s Day

 I made a secret deal with these children that if they did a really great job during the session I would have some portraits ready for Mom as a Mother’s day suprise.  They agreed to get Mom to check her email on Sunday!  These kids were really wonderful during the shoot. I told P that I would try and have the gallery ready but it was a near impossible task as I’m still trying to decide between so many special portraits!  Anyway here’s three to show for now!

Wishing Mom a very happy mother’s day!

family portrait

concord portrait

spring photography portrait

Two Brothers

Here are two lovely brothers who stopped by my studio for some portraits this week. I bet they are going to have lots of fun playing together as they grow up. At the session big brother was happy to give some special kisses ! WTG!

mother and baby studio shot


Boy studio photo


Concord studio photo

Back for more…

I photographed this little guy earlier in the year. Some of his portraits are in a previous post. I met up with him again so we could add some more images to his model portfolio. Here’s the pick of the follow up session.