A Year On

It was great to meet up with this family again, a year after taking the newborn and family portraits. I am just rounding of my work on their order so I thought it a good time to blog. The one year old daughter was a little more busy this time around and as the session finished I suggested we try some final shots of her with the dog. There was a chance it may not work. Why would the dog want to stay still with all that park to run around in and why would a toddler want to take a break from exploring? It all came together nicely as you can see in the final portrait.

Girl in blue dress

Family with dog portrait

Blue eyed toddler

Toddler with dog

Newborn at home (in Littleton!)

This session was unusual in a number of ways and made a pleasant change of routine. In these days of the internet and Google searches I find that most of my clients aren’t from my immediate surrounding towns. I get many clients from Boston and from towns throughout Massachusetts, and some from even further afield! These clients usually travel to my studio in West Concord above Nashoba Bakery or to one of the local parks I recommend. This family however was from my hometown in Littleton, which gave me the rare opportunity to do a newborn shoot indoors at their house.
Doing a portrait session in a house can be quite a tricky prospect, often the light is low and there is not much room to maneuver. The art of the photographer in these cases is too find the right combination of good light and uncluttered backgrounds that do not distract from the subject. In this case to add some variety a handheld flash was also used for some of the images to subtly add some extra light by ‘bouncing’ it off the walls of the room rather than pointed directly at the family to avoid any harsh shadows. This couple and their newborn made for perfect subjects, even the dog jumped in for a few shots. So it ended up being a great session and to top it all it was just a two minute drive around the corner back home again!

boston metrowest baby photographer

family baby and dog portrait

best boston baby photographer

Baby and mother

Changing seasons

This last week has had a little bit of a fall feel to it but the forecast is for hot and toasty weather so we still have plenty of summer left. The late summer light of September, the faded grasses, and still warm evenings make September one of my favorite months for sessions and produces some of the best images of the year. There is still some availability for September which I would recommend as one of the optimal times of the year for a session. Of course October has some fall color which adds a unique element to portraits and is always popular but one of my other favorite months is November when this session was done last year, at the start of the month there is still some fall color but later in the month there are lovely soft muted browns and yellows which set off portraits in a subtle way.


Backyard Get Together

As always, it was great to photograph these children once again for their annual Fall photo session. This year, the meet place was their back yard. This worked out perfectly for the youngest sibling. Being in familiar surroundings can be an ideal for very young toddlers so a garden or backyard with some open shade works very nicely.





 My Fall season blog postings would not be complete without a portrait of these children. This is my fifth Fall session with these kids but this time around two is now three with the arrival of the youngest sister. At just over 4 months posing can be quite a challenge. A big thanks to the eldest two siblings for being very patient and happy to try a few different positions for this portrait. This portrait is a bit of a change from my usual style but it happens to be a real favorite of mine.