Dog days of summer?

Dog licking boy













Hopefully those hot summer days are coming… The blog has been a bit neglected recently and when going through the backlog of sessions I came across this image which made me laugh and I can’t resist sharing it! The session was actually in the fall and I will share the rest of it later this year when it is more seasonal, I love how this area allows so many different moods with the changing seasons.


My favorite Fall guy

Here’s my favorite Fall guy.  Actually all the kids I meet are favorites for many different reasons. This young man gets the award for high energy and high style combined. I thought the handkerchief in the jacket pocket was a very classy addition to his outfit. This is the third time I have photographed this delightful boy. He always keeps me very busy.  At first it’s- No Jane I’m not hanging out with you. That’s followed by- OK I’m on for this but whatever you give me to explore I’m going to move it..EVERYWHERE…oh hey, is that a swing….LET”S DO IT! I laughed a lot but my smile was not as wide as his as you can see in the swing portrait!