Losing track of time

I’ve lost count of the number of photo sessions I’ve had with this family. I do know that the first time, T was pushed in the swing and A was just beginning to crawl. So here we are with some moments from the 2019 session that show just how much time has moved on. This is one of the loveliest families you can meet. Mom and Dad are always super relaxed about the shoot which is wonderful. I like to keep the meet ups as open ended as possible with some ideas of what I might like to try but with the view that it might not happen. T usually likes to be at home for the photos ( I like routine too, T!). However this year we went elsewhere for a different look and it worked out really well. I love the portraits that we got and I hope that, once again, the family will as well! Gallery will be emailed to you this weekend.


Changing seasons

This last week has had a little bit of a fall feel to it but the forecast is for hot and toasty weather so we still have plenty of summer left. The late summer light of September, the faded grasses, and still warm evenings make September one of my favorite months for sessions and produces some of the best images of the year. There is still some availability for September which I would recommend as one of the optimal times of the year for a session. Of course October has some fall color which adds a unique element to portraits and is always popular but one of my other favorite months is November when this session was done last year, at the start of the month there is still some fall color but later in the month there are lovely soft muted browns and yellows which set off portraits in a subtle way.


At Home At Play

It was great to see this brother and sister again. I love going to see them. I think this is the third or fourth year I have taken their photos. For the past couple of years it has worked very nicely photographing them individually at their house playing their own games. I usually like to plan sessions but an unstructured approach has served me well here. A few favorite activities on hand and just see where things go including some funny moments with Mom, well more specifically tweaking Moms nose!

The Unplanned Moments

Once again, it was an absolute pleasure sharing some camera time with these two children. This was my third visit to take their photographs. My photo time with this girl often involves afternoon tea. She brought her friend along this time who was rather partial to waffles. For the final image, I had just got myself ready to take a shot of  ( on my stomach on the sidewalk to be specific) when the school bus came round the corner. Perfect timing! For this boy. active or action shots are usually on the agenda. The school bus was a bonus. He looks like he’s winning the race.


In The Pink



 Just looking back to a Fall 2011 session and sharing a couple of portraits here on my blog. It was a pleasure photographing these siblings.  It was great to see some dressy outfits too. The pink dress this little girl wore really was an ideal choice. It looked dressy and timeless but was simple enough to be able to move around in. I do not recommend pink when Fall color is at it’s peak of reds and oranges but once we have moved on to the dusty browns and faded yellows of late Fall ( I actually prefer these colors) pink can really work again!