Vermont Daydreams

Vermont sunrise

Vermont fall color

Vermont road

We were in Vermont just a couple of weeks ago and have just got round to looking through the photos.  Mike and I have come to the conclusion there isn’t a bad place to stay in the green mountain state. This time we were in the Chester area. It was the hottest end to August since 1953. Mike got up before dawn and explored with the camera. These are a few of his images.  Despite the record heat these photos still leave me with the sense Fall is on it’s way. I’m feeling like it’s time for another family field trip up there..asap!

The Power Of The Maple Creemie

The maple creemie has a hold on my family.



Through the whole of the summer we bemoaned all other ice creams. We spend our vacations in Vermont eating them or discussing when we are going to eat them. We even introduced them our family from the UK on a recent trip to Vermont ( We didn’t go just for the maple creemies of course but they did feature heavily on the itenary!) Never underestimate the power of the maple creemie. In my daughter’s case it gave her new found powers to jump on her cousin and give him a good tickling!


Tanglewood 2010




 There’s nothing better than this on a Sunday afternoon in the Summer. Even the drizzle didn’t dampen our collective enthusiasm. My son loved the Bostonn symphony (he plays clarinet), my daughter loved the fancy cookies in our picnic (a very important detail for a five year old) and Mike and I loved everything! The symphony plays the The Shed which is a large round open sided building. It has fantastic garage light so once the concert was over rather than waiting to get out with the masses we hung out in the shed with the camera.

More From My Vacation

Why does just one week back from my vacation feel more like a month? It always amazes me how vacations always feel like they happened an age ago right from the day you return home. I still haven’t finished the laundry!

































My Favorite Place In The Whole Wide World!

Just back from vacation. We have visited the Lake Champlain Islands for the past four summers. ( Well, they do say routine is good for the kids!) I have decided it’s MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD. Granted I don’t travel too much at the moment but the sunsets, the scenery, the peacefulness is magical. I never want to leave. Thank you to Kaye and Ed for their perfect lake house rental. We’ve loved every minute there!

Here’s the first of my vacation blogs.  More to follow








































Minimum Print Purchases For Fall/Holiday Season

Minimum print purchases will apply to all sessions scheduled during the Fall and Holiday season (September-November 2010) These are as follows

Full outdoor sessions  $350 ,  studio sessions $275 and  mini sessions $225

Extensive work is put into both shooting the images and creating the portraits for any given session. Families who book a full session with us typically spend a minimum of $500 plus. Mini sessions are ideal those who wish to place a smaller print order and the minimum print purchase reflects this.

Fall sessions are booking now. Please contact the studio to reserve your session.

Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic Seaport

Mystic CT

Mystic portrait

Spent a recent weekend in Mystic, CT. The evening summer light is always pretty perfect down there. For me, it was also a mini vacation away from the camera. Mike  was behind the lens for these images.

Dress Sessions Are Fully Booked (Wait List is Open)



Thank you to everyone who reserved a spot for a studio dress session. The available slots are now full. We do have a wait list for anyone interested should a reservation get cancelled. Some portraits from the first few sessions are already posted here on the blog. More will follow.

Studio Neighbor- NOA Gifts (And a Special Offer Too)

Every girl loves something sparkly. In fact NOA here in West Concord is more than just a regular jewelry store. The business showcases and sells jewellery, fine handcrafts and gifts designed by local and state artisans. It was Mike who discovered this store and he’s a regular there each time he needs a gift. ( Lucky for me!)

I am currently offering one time discount cards for NOA for all my clients who place orders of $250+. When you leave my session or after you have collected your prints you can head over to their West Concord location and check out the store.  Other locations are at Groton and Fruitlands Museum in Harvard.

For more information visit

Studio Neighbor- Nashoba Brook Bakery

My studio is located in West Concord. For people not familiar with the area I thought I’d let you know about some of the cool stores that are my neighbors here in the area.

Firstly the studio is located directly above The Nashoba Brook  Bakery and Cafe. The bakery sells great breads, cakes and sandwiches. It’s a perfect spot for lunch or coffee. It’s great for me as I’m always in there and my clients regular stop by too after their sessions. The cafe’s hot cross buns sold at Easter are THE genuine article. In the thirteen years I’ve lived in the US it’s the only bakery that has produced a bun that comes anywhere close to the original. I am from England, home of the hot cross bun!

For more information on the bakery, visit their site at