At Home At Play

It was great to see this brother and sister again. I love going to see them. I think this is the third or fourth year I have taken their photos. For the past couple of years it has worked very nicely photographing them individually at their house playing their own games. I usually like to plan sessions but an unstructured approach has served me well here. A few favorite activities on hand and just see where things go including some funny moments with Mom, well more specifically tweaking Moms nose!

Sound Asleep

When this lovely newborn girl came to visit for her newborn portraits she slept quite peacefully for almost the entire session. There was one brief moment when she opened one eye! I always love working on a few mother baby moments as part of the shoot. Some Moms do not feel they are completely got together so soon after giving birth but its never about having to look straight into the camera lens and pose it’s about spending some quite minutes up close with your precious bundle. I think some of my favorite portraits of from these set ups.




Dressing Up or Dressing Down?

Just playing catch up with the blog once more! Here’s one from a little while ago. The girls came perfectly dressed for the chilly afternoon with great colors and textures in their outfits.

Dressing for the session is something many clients like to give some thought to. We always send out general advice once a session is booked. Our guidleines focus on classic simplicity but really many styles can work. Whether it be modern or classic, solid colors or some patterns, what you wear should be what you feel good in and what you want to see yourself or your children in when the portraits are on display. Not that interested in dressing up? That’s fine too. Some of my clients just want their children to be photographed in their everyday playclothes in order to capture a slice of their life.