Pleased to meet you..



 This little guy is the youngest brother of two other children I have previously had the pleasure of photographing. He was also quite a charmenr when he visited me at the studio. I always encourage parents to consider some portraits where babies are bare skin in some way. The 0- 12 months is always such a great time for this.

Aaah, sunshine…



 I prepared this blog entry last night as the first flakes of snow were flying here in Littleton.  Thinking back to this session with a really fantastic high school senior helped take my mind away from the Wintry weather. We had such a warm September evening and some great images. It was hard to choose for the blog!

The Wake Up Call




 Here’s a selection from a recent newborn girl session. Her brother, whom I have photographed a couple of times previously, also came along.  He was gracious enough to hang out with his sister at the start of the session for some brother sister portraits before going off into town to do some exploring with his Aunt. If sibling portraits are part of a newborn shoot it’s best to do them at the start of the session and have someone on hand who can take older children off to a park or cafe whilst the rest of the session takes place. The optimum time for a newborn to visit the studio is around day 5 when baby is happy to sleep for some curled up poses. However we know that is often not possible to schedule. This lovely baby girl came to visit just past the two week stage and she did not sleep for the entire 2  1/2 hours she was with us. I think the trip out was such an adventure she just didn’t want to miss any of the action! When babies decide not to have a snooze we work a lot more on mother baby moments which I think can also be very special.  All in all this was a beautiful session!

Birthday Girl

 Two memories rolled into one with these portraits. Last Sunday my girl turned 7.  She also has quite a spectacular snaggle tooth!  The way it’s being pushed out seems to defy all laws of gravity.  I love this age!