Ooh’s and Aaah’s

Siblings portrait

Boston family photographer studio

Portrait of young boy

and that was from me when I loaded the images from my camera and viewed them on the computer screen! As the photographer I just love many of the portraits from this session. I hope they’ll be a few ooh’s and aah’s as well from Mom and dad when they receive their prints.

Like we said previously our session blogs are taking a different form this year. Over the next few days we’ll post some of our favorite images ( hard choices to make) from some of our February/March studio sessions.

Newborn Session To Share

boston baby photographer

baby on mom's shoulder

boston baby portrait

This newborn boy was exactly a week old when we photographed him. Newborn sessions are best done in the first few days of life and this studio visit was perfect timing. Lots of sleepiness going on here. I even felt like taking a nap after we’d finished!

And another….

baby under blanket

mom and baby

baby looking over shoulder

In contrast, this little guy was wide awake for much of this newborn session.  This is quite typical when babies visit me around the 2-3 week age. One of my favorite images from the session is the first portrait here. It was actually a test shot to check lighting but I happen to like the form of it.  It was great meeting the whole family and the studio is currently working on some super portrait prints for the family.

The Visitor

We had a visitor in our garden today. The first robin of Spring? Seasonal ducks on the pond? Nope..it was a SNOWMAN. April 1st brought heavy snow to our area today and it was top quality cement snow, best of the season for making a snowman.

Building snowman

putting buttons on snowman

At least the day before the snow there was some sign of Spring in my garden. Nineteen turkeys wandered across the front lawn and a few crocus have managed to avoid being our resident rabbit’s dinner! Now I really am ready for Spring to visit again and stay for longer. 

crocus sprouting