High School Senior

 Sometimes it’s worth doing something someone else will think is very special. I think Mom knows what I’m talking about here!

I really enjoyed this photo session. Ok I admit I was terrible at holding a conversation about the latest and greatest trucks but I’m keeping my fingers crossed this young man eventually gets the one he wants!

Westford Academy yearbook photo

Westford Senior Portrait

Fall Flowers

 I was really pleased to be able to photograph these children at one of my favorite spots. Here we are at the end of September and the place is still full of beautiful wild flowers!

Fine Art portraiture

Ma family portrait

Ma portrait photography

Mmmm..which ones to choose?

Recently I have had a lot of clients tell me that it’s been so hard to choose prints from their galleries because they’ve loved all their pictures. Well it is my turn to have a hard time making a selection. There were so many memorable images from this family session and it was hard picking just three for my blog. The girls got very excited about having their portraits taken and I had such a great evening with the whole family.

Acton portrait photography

Acton child portrait

Acton family portrait

A Different Kind Of Portrait

 As the photographer I am often drawn toward portraits that don’t always show smiles, portraits that have unique expressions or convey a mood or character of the child being photographed.   This little girl was somewhat hesitant about being photographed during the first part of the session nevertheless I thought this was perfect for capturing a very intimate image of her as shown in the sepia portrait below.   

Acton MA portrait

Here she is again with her brother and I love how he’s so interested in what she’s doing! We had smiles all round as the session went on. I photographed these children last year. It was great meeting this family again and I can’t wait to finish the work on this gallery!

Boston Metrowest portrait

Smiles and Blue Eyes

 If I was giving out an award for the most adorable smile this little girl would win it. Of course big brother is right up there too with his lovely blue eyes. I hope he’s still having a fun time in Kindergarten!

MA child portrait

Massachusetts portrait

MA portrait photography

A favorite from last week…

 It was lovely meeting this young man last week. It was a fun shoot and we’re going to have some great portraits. His future endeavours include training to be a tenor/vocalist. Wishing him all the best with his college selection!

Rhode Island portrait

Musician portrait

Newborn Boy

 I learned from Mom and Dad that this baby is one mellow little guy! As you can see here snoozing was one of the activities of choice during this session. It was a pleasure working with the family and capturing some memories of this very special time.

Baby portrait

Leominster baby portrait

A Big Thank You

I have a good friend and client here in town who does a fantastic job of letting everyone know about my work. She even spreads the word out of state too! Thank you L! As another favor she also recently allowed me to use her two girls for a location test shot which worked out perfectly. The girls also happen to have a brother who is a little cutie. Of course we just had to get a few shots of him too.

Acton photography


Carlisle portrait

A fun filled photo session

These girls were the stars of the session last Friday evening, happy to share some great looks and lots of giggles with me. Thank you to Mom for being on hand with the hairbrush! (We had a breeze pick up with the approach of tropical storm Hanna.)  Thank you to Dad who was very eager to advertise my work to everyone out on their evening stroll! I hope this family had as much fun as I did.

Littleton MA family portrait

Boston metrowest photography portrait