Portrait In Brown

Here’s a pick from yesterday’s evening session. I love all the shades of brown and the dreamy expression. I think this one is heading for my home page!This young lady has a wonderful classical look and she was fantastic to photograph. Wishing her all the best for her start at high school next week!


Going through the selection some more I decided to share again!


Final Weekend Session…

I had such a great time with these children, talking about Summer vacation, school and tractors in between photos. There had been a lot of cloud cover for most of the session. Finally when we all got back to the car a sunset appeared to give some great color. Of course I couldn’t resist trying one last shot and managed to talk these two sisters into giving it a last go. This is one of my favorite images not only from the session but of the whole Summer. I am always very drawn to expressions other than smiles that create a mood. This is one such image. It’s the kind of photograph that gets me very excited when I first load it onto the computer.


Here’s another of the younger brother and what an adorable smile this little guy had. He was very enthusiastic about tractors. Luckily there were some close at hand!!


Session at Sundown

This wonderful little girl is two and was so excited about being photographed. Apparently she kept asking all day when it was time for photos!! Some great outfits were on show too. I was thinking of asking Mom if she could help me out with my wardrobe. We got some great images from the session. One favorite of mine has gone straight up on my home page.


Here she is again having some fun with her very caring big brother who I have to say has the most gorgeous red hair. I photographed these two siblings last Fall. They are really growing up.


Flowers All Around…

Flowers in the hair, flowers everywhere. Flowers were very much part of my session with these two lovely twins from last week. The little girl had a beautiful garland of roses in her hair and of course there were plenty of flowers at the location. Mom had given much thought to outfits for this session which can always add a very unique and beautiful addition to any image.




I had a message today that these two children had a "good time" at their session. If the children have fun then so does the photographer and this was certainly the case with this session! Maybe it’s the teacher in me but I always try and make the shoot a positive experience for the children. I think we are going to have some lovely images from the evening!



Funtime photos….

I had such fun sharing playtime with these boys for my Thursday photo session. Both me and my camera  got some bouncing time on the trampoline as well! But even after swings, slides and climbing frames there was still time to hang out on the neighbor’s wall. These boys were really easy going and made me feel very welcome. I can’t wait to work on their photos! 



Back Home…..

My blog has been a little neglected these past two weeks as I have been out of town. However the sun has finally set on my family vacation (sigh) and I am back home catching up with messages and working on my clients photos. If you have made enquiries about booking a session whilst I have been away I will be sure to contact you this week.

Although on vacation I didn’t take a break from my camera! Here’s a photograph taken at sunset on the last night. It’s one of my favorite times for photography.


Poster Child

A client recently asked if I could design a poster using a photograph I had taken of her daughter. A family member is a librarian and she thought this would make a great gift. I loved the end product so much I thought it worth posting here on my blog. I took this photograph whilst the girl was at preschool. She was totally absorbed by the book despite all the noise and activity of the other children around her!