Four Plus Two

Family fall portrait

Fall portrait with dogs

Late last fall I did a shoot with the two boys in this family and their dog. It was one of my favorite sessions and they were some of the nicest boys I have ever met. Polite and very engaging. Their pet dog was a charmer too. This week they were back for another session along with Mom and Dad and the newest additional to the family, another rather adorable dog.  Four + Two = Another Lovely Session.

Two Year Old, Mini Shoot

Toddler in pink portrait

Girl with pumpkin - fall portrait

It was a pleasure to photograph this two year old girl. As the newest member of the family I am sure she is bringing lots of joy to her parents and siblings. Sometimes toddlers take the job of being photographed very seriously. Apparently this girl was all smiles in the car home and we were wondering how many smiles happened for the camera. Well here’s a half smile and it happens to be one of my favorites!

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