It’s A Dogs Life

kids with dog

girl and dog

I have had quite a few child and family sessions recently where the dog has come along too. Dogs can be like two year olds, they won’t stay in one place for long, like to run around and are more interested in having a snack than having a photo taken. Does that sound familiar?

However I have been most impressed with many of the family dogs I have met recently including this young pup. I think the kids here were acting as super role models though. They were patient, caring and showed this puppy they were also the perfect friends. We only planned to have the dog included at the end for a few shots time permitting. I’m glad we managed to fit them in!

Two Brothers

This really was a super session. These boys were great for the camera and their pet dog joined them for portraits too.  I have to say for a two year old I have to give this dog  ten out of ten for being so well behaved!

two brothers portrait

Littleton portrait photograph

Brothers and dog portrait

One lucky girl …

 … to have such a cute baby sister and such a handsome dog! We had a glorious New England fall afternoon and a perfect setting by this family’s house to capture some lovely images, it was a delightful session.

Acton baby photographer

Boston Metrowest baby portrait

Acton MA portrait photography

Father’s Day Surprise!

I’ve kept the secret this long (and it’s been hard). Finally I get to share a few from this session. These are gifts for Dad for Father’s Day! I love working with these girls and this time round I got to meet their dogs too.  I had a blast taking these photos. The puppy is a new addtion to the family and she thought it was just fine to climb onto my head as I was lying down taking the shots! Well it is often said animals are more unpredictable than toddlers when it comes to the camera.

 Kids and dog portrait

Dog portrait

Girl and dog portrait