Someone Older and Someone New


I am looking forward to seeing the portraits this family ordered when the images come  back from the lab later this week/early next week. I think they are going to be very special. Here are some of my picks from the session although it was very hard to decide what to post on the blog.  I photographed the eldest brother when he was just six months old. It was lovely to return to the house to see how grown up he is and to meet his brother for the first time. They were quite the pair and very fun to photograph!



Two Brothers and some busy fun!


Loved this session. It was such fun. The boys donated their snacks to the birds before we even got going. A very generous gesture indeed! I thought they might get hungry but it didn’t seem like they needed to refuel with any food. They were all energy all the time  in the best possible way!




Changing seasons

This last week has had a little bit of a fall feel to it but the forecast is for hot and toasty weather so we still have plenty of summer left. The late summer light of September, the faded grasses, and still warm evenings make September one of my favorite months for sessions and produces some of the best images of the year. There is still some availability for September which I would recommend as one of the optimal times of the year for a session. Of course October has some fall color which adds a unique element to portraits and is always popular but one of my other favorite months is November when this session was done last year, at the start of the month there is still some fall color but later in the month there are lovely soft muted browns and yellows which set off portraits in a subtle way.


Clouds and Smiles



So here in MA it seems like we’ve not had a good stretch of regular summer days. It’s been hot and humid, wet and humid or just plain  wet since June. It was great to be able to get this session done prior to some rainy weather. The evening was cloudy but clouds ( provided they are not the dark and stormy variety) can really make the color pop in photos. It was a really relaxing session and this little girl really made me smile. This family have just relocated back to their home country of Finland and I hope everything is going well for them. These portraits ( due to be delivered to me from the lab today )  should make a nice memory of their time here in the Boston area!



Newborn/family session

Well here I am in my office today preparing a proof gallery from a recent outside session. I feel like I’ve been looking at a lot of grass in portraits recently so for a change of scene, here’s a few from one of my newborn family sessions held at the studio. This was a return visit for this family as I had photographed the little girl when she was just a couple of weeks old. My how time moves on! It was a fun session!

At Home At Play

It was great to see this brother and sister again. I love going to see them. I think this is the third or fourth year I have taken their photos. For the past couple of years it has worked very nicely photographing them individually at their house playing their own games. I usually like to plan sessions but an unstructured approach has served me well here. A few favorite activities on hand and just see where things go including some funny moments with Mom, well more specifically tweaking Moms nose!

Dressing Up or Dressing Down?

Just playing catch up with the blog once more! Here’s one from a little while ago. The girls came perfectly dressed for the chilly afternoon with great colors and textures in their outfits.

Dressing for the session is something many clients like to give some thought to. We always send out general advice once a session is booked. Our guidleines focus on classic simplicity but really many styles can work. Whether it be modern or classic, solid colors or some patterns, what you wear should be what you feel good in and what you want to see yourself or your children in when the portraits are on display. Not that interested in dressing up? That’s fine too. Some of my clients just want their children to be photographed in their everyday playclothes in order to capture a slice of their life.

My favorite Fall guy

Here’s my favorite Fall guy.  Actually all the kids I meet are favorites for many different reasons. This young man gets the award for high energy and high style combined. I thought the handkerchief in the jacket pocket was a very classy addition to his outfit. This is the third time I have photographed this delightful boy. He always keeps me very busy.  At first it’s- No Jane I’m not hanging out with you. That’s followed by- OK I’m on for this but whatever you give me to explore I’m going to move it..EVERYWHERE…oh hey, is that a swing….LET”S DO IT! I laughed a lot but my smile was not as wide as his as you can see in the swing portrait!


Choices, choices…

I am just about to start work preparing portraits for this family so I thought it an appropriate time to post some images from the session here on my blog. This happened to be a really lovely warm Fall evening which worked great for these young children. Mom had a very hard time choosing portraits as there were so many special images. Likewise I had a difficult time making my picks for the blog too!

Dodging The Raindrops

It was touch and go whether this session would take place. The ground was still wet from earlier rain and the heavy clouds still hung around. However it all worked out. We saved sitting in the grass until as late as possible and the clouds actually helped the Fall colors pop. Fun shoot with a fun family!