The Cuteness Factor

Boy catching bugs

girl jumping

Acton Ma portrait

Acton family portrait

The little girl in this family told me that she’s so cute she often gets free things. Like she once got a free donut at a coffee shop. ( The well known place will remain unnamed.) Well I can certainly see where she’s coming from on this one and the cuteness factor certainly kicked in for this session. Next time I go for my latte I’m taking her with me.

Her brothers were fun to be with too. The eldest spent some time catching bugs and the youngest loved tucking his shirt under his armpits. It really made me laugh. Talking about cute he had a very adorable smile!

Tanglewood 2010




 There’s nothing better than this on a Sunday afternoon in the Summer. Even the drizzle didn’t dampen our collective enthusiasm. My son loved the Bostonn symphony (he plays clarinet), my daughter loved the fancy cookies in our picnic (a very important detail for a five year old) and Mike and I loved everything! The symphony plays the The Shed which is a large round open sided building. It has fantastic garage light so once the concert was over rather than waiting to get out with the masses we hung out in the shed with the camera.

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