Great Family, Great Setting

baby portrait with flowers

Concord family portrait

family portrait with flowers

This was a wonderful family session last week. We had a super setting and two very energetic dogs too! The focus was on family images and some child portraits. The girls were great for the camera.

Backyard Fun

Acton portrait

Acton photographer

Kids playing

It has been almost a year since I photographed these siblings and they have certainly grown. We had some backyard fun and play for this session. The little girl was very interested in tasting the water that was being sprayed from the hose.

The Cuteness Factor

Boy catching bugs

girl jumping

Acton Ma portrait

Acton family portrait

The little girl in this family told me that she’s so cute she often gets free things. Like she once got a free donut at a coffee shop. ( The well known place will remain unnamed.) Well I can certainly see where she’s coming from on this one and the cuteness factor certainly kicked in for this session. Next time I go for my latte I’m taking her with me.

Her brothers were fun to be with too. The eldest spent some time catching bugs and the youngest loved tucking his shirt under his armpits. It really made me laugh. Talking about cute he had a very adorable smile!

Tanglewood 2010




 There’s nothing better than this on a Sunday afternoon in the Summer. Even the drizzle didn’t dampen our collective enthusiasm. My son loved the Bostonn symphony (he plays clarinet), my daughter loved the fancy cookies in our picnic (a very important detail for a five year old) and Mike and I loved everything! The symphony plays the The Shed which is a large round open sided building. It has fantastic garage light so once the concert was over rather than waiting to get out with the masses we hung out in the shed with the camera.

More From My Vacation

Why does just one week back from my vacation feel more like a month? It always amazes me how vacations always feel like they happened an age ago right from the day you return home. I still haven’t finished the laundry!

































Creating The Memories

studio ballet dress

Studio portrait long hair

Here’s a studio session from this week. This girl came in to be photographed in her ballet recital dress.  When Mom took her hair down at the end of the session is was so beautifully wavy I just had to get some extra shots. This last portrait is one for the memory book. The day after this she had 9 inches cut off her hair and donated the locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths which makes wigs for cancer patients. Way to go L! A lot of people are very proud of you.

My Favorite Place In The Whole Wide World!

Just back from vacation. We have visited the Lake Champlain Islands for the past four summers. ( Well, they do say routine is good for the kids!) I have decided it’s MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD. Granted I don’t travel too much at the moment but the sunsets, the scenery, the peacefulness is magical. I never want to leave. Thank you to Kaye and Ed for their perfect lake house rental. We’ve loved every minute there!

Here’s the first of my vacation blogs.  More to follow








































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