High School Senior Season

Boston senior yearbook photographer

Senior portrait

Senior yearbook portrait

This is a preview from the first of my high school senior sessions for 2010 and it was a great way to start. I really enjoyed my time with this girl. She was very relaxed with a really sunny smile. For anyone out there considering one of these sessions, now is the time to book it before the back to school schedule begins!

Minimum Print Purchases For Fall/Holiday Season

Minimum print purchases will apply to all sessions scheduled during the Fall and Holiday season (September-November 2010) These are as follows

Full outdoor sessions  $350 ,  studio sessions $275 and  mini sessions $225

Extensive work is put into both shooting the images and creating the portraits for any given session. Families who book a full session with us typically spend a minimum of $500 plus. Mini sessions are ideal those who wish to place a smaller print order and the minimum print purchase reflects this.

Fall sessions are booking now. Please contact the studio to reserve your session.

Siblings In Studio

Studio photograph of siblings

Concord studio photographer

Studio photograph of girl

I photographed the little guy in this family when he was a newborn. We decided he should come back for some portraits with his sisters when he was able to hold his head up steady.  Doesn’t he look like he’s going to be well watched over by his sisters? I thought he would be putty in their hands but not so. He ruled the show here. In fact he was simply too strong to sit with his eldest sister and I only got a few seconds to shoot that set up. The girls came in very cute dresses so we did a few  individual portraits too. The youngest always shows me some great expressions and the oldest is always a good helper. They are such fun to photograph.

Fun girl, a dress and a tutu.


Black and white portrait

black and white portrait

girl dancing

This girl did such a wonderful job in studio. She was 41/2 but was so good in front of the camera that I extended the session. I’m glad I did as we got a real variety of portraits. I’m looking forward to putting this gallery together!

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

Backlit portrait

We are in a long stretch of hot hot sunny days, some more humid and thundery than others. There seems to be no end in sight. PERFECT. Mike and I have been neglecting our own experiments with the camera of late. Must get back to doing more personal work. Here’s one from some recent camera play using the last sun rays of the day.

Sisters and Flowers

Acton MA photographer

Acton pet portrait

Acton portraits

It was lovely to see these sisters again for some Summer portraits.  We did the shoot against the backdrop of their garden. They have some wonderful flowers and bushes in bloom, such a beautiful setting. I always find it hard to put the camera away. When one of their dogs came out after the session..well…I just had to get the camera out again!

Milestones and memories in summers that pass by.


Acton MA photographer

Acton photographer

Acton child portrait

I find summers are more emotional milestones in my children’s lives than birthdays and Christmases. Maybe it’s all that time I spend with them and the approaching year change at school that makes me more focused on how much they are growing up.

I have known the children in these three portraits for many years. They are the children of one of my very best friends. I see them more in the summer because they hang out with my kids at the local lake and our pool. When I was asked to do a portrait session with them one of my aims was to capture them alone in their own  little moment. ( In one instance that involved a conversation about a tarantula on Uranus but it’s too complicated to explain.) What really struck me was how much they are growing up. My friend and I hope our kids share summer lake days right up to leaving for college and I hope here are lots more childhood milestones and memories  in the summers that pass us by.

Interesting local blog

I sometimes have a look where some of my site and blog visitors are coming from and it often takes me to some interesting sites. Here is an example of a blog where I was most flattered to find a post on my work and ended up spending an hour or so browsing through some very interesting posts ranging from catering to decor to photography, click on the image below and see for yourself!

Brick + Petals

Another Dress Session

Boston studio photographer

Acton studio photographer

I have photographed this girl twice before. I think she was two when I first met her.  It was great to see her again and she’s really growing up.  She came in studio for one of my dress sessions and what a gorgeous dress she wore!

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