To Hug Or Not To Hug

The simple suggestion of a brother/sister hug is often met with a complete look of  horror.  The expressions that follow such thoughts are not always the best. They are the “YOU MEAN YOU WANT ME TO HUG HIM, NO I DON”T THINK SO” kind of looks.  I now have a more suprise approach to the hug shot and it worked here. These kids were great to photograph.  I had a lot of fun.

Concord studio photographer

Boston studio portrait

Children's studio portrait

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  1. These photos come alive and are truly exceptional in artistry. I only wish we could have met Jane seven years ago to help us capture our children’s growing years. We just might fly out from California after the move to revisit. Absolutely love the photos. Many thanks…

    1. Thanks for the post Susan. I’m now back from vacation and will be working on your gallery soon.

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