To Hug Or Not To Hug

The simple suggestion of a brother/sister hug is often met with a complete look of  horror.  The expressions that follow such thoughts are not always the best. They are the “YOU MEAN YOU WANT ME TO HUG HIM, NO I DON”T THINK SO” kind of looks.  I now have a more suprise approach to the hug shot and it worked here. These kids were great to photograph.  I had a lot of fun.

Concord studio photographer

Boston studio portrait

Children's studio portrait

They Could Have Danced All Night!

Just reliving some June memories here. These three girls are best friends. They attended dance class together last year and starred in the end of year recital. Here’s some captures after the big show. Do they look like they had fun? I really do think they could have danced all night!


dance photo

Run, run as fast as you can…

What rhymes with sun? Well with this shoot I’m picking FUN and RUN.

 We got some smiles and even some laughter on a very sunny evening this week. Then it was all about RUNNING AROUND.  I got my daily exercise during this shoot and  think these girls did too!

 Carlisle MA photographer

Boston child photographer

Boston family photographer

A new favorite

Here’s a selection from a recent session. I captured some lovely images. The first portrait is one of my favorites so far this Summer. I really like the way the calmness of the boy contrasts with his more expressive sister as she checks out the flower.

The clouds thinned out about five minutes before we started this session and the available light was perfect. Often clients expect that clouds will lead to a shoot being cancelled. As long as the sky isn’t heavily dark with rain clouds then overcast conditions are fine for photographs.

Concord family photographer

Concord baby photographer

Concord photographer

“Kamp Owt” and Kung Fu Kicks

Last week we got one night with no rain (yay) and the kids camped out with Dad. Our 4 year old daughter wrote a sign for camp which read “Kamp Owt”. We thought that a pretty neat effort.  Even after working hard to pitch the tent she still had some energy for some high kicks.  They ate dinner at dark and did some star gazing.  The simple things are always the best! These images were a joint effort between Mike and I and were taken with the available light.  Happy Summer to family and friends in England. We are in ENVY of your glorious weather!





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