Sweet 10 month old, Mom and Dad too!

 I had such fun working with this family last week. This little girl was rather interested in tasting the surrounding vegetation but we did get quite a few smiles from her. She was all ready for the hot day in her pretty sundress. The white summer dress is a favorite of mine for photographs. The delicate patterns on this one give the classic outfit a very modern feel.

 Lexington family portrait

Lexington baby portrait

Lexington family portrait

A gorgeous shoot from the weekend

These two darling sisters were dressed in lovely bright floral dresses for their session. I think the pinks were a perfect match for the cool grey colors on the porch. The youngest was 20 months old and for the longest time was happy to follow me around and sit down in any spot she deemed suitable for a photograph! Her eldest sister was very engaging too despite the very muggy hot morning weather. I hope she had lots of fun at her friend’s party! 

Leominster Portrait

Sisters portrait

Father’s Day Surprise!

I’ve kept the secret this long (and it’s been hard). Finally I get to share a few from this session. These are gifts for Dad for Father’s Day! I love working with these girls and this time round I got to meet their dogs too.  I had a blast taking these photos. The puppy is a new addtion to the family and she thought it was just fine to climb onto my head as I was lying down taking the shots! Well it is often said animals are more unpredictable than toddlers when it comes to the camera.

 Kids and dog portrait

Dog portrait

Girl and dog portrait


 When you’re new to crawling there’s just so much world to explore! Nevertheless this little girl was happy to sit a while, share some camera time and even a play a little peepo around the furniture. This was a lovely session to start the week.

Westford area portrait

Baby portrait

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