Countdown To Christmas

Returning clients are here for their holiday portraits. I love sessions with these two children and those outfits really get me in the holiday spirit!


Whilst photographing this young man I had a very interesting conversation with him about the delights of peanut butter and fluff sandwiches! It’s now on my list of new things to try!


Indoor Session from last week…

I had the pleasure of meeting these two darling children at the weekend. They gave me a big welcome at the front door and were a pleasure to photograph. I planned to hold the pinwheel myself in order to direct the children’s attention to the camera. However I think their plan to play with it instead was the better idea! Delightful kids, great outfits and the indoor location (thank you to Mom for being so willing to move furnishings) really makes for some super images. Wishing this family a very happy Thanksgiving.




Some openings for November and December Sessions


I have a some sessions available this Holiday season. It’s a great opportunity to capture some special moments as the year draws to an end. Here’s one from a session from last week. A perfect moment and a lovely smile!

Please email or call to inquire about availability or schedule a session.

Bring a jacket, it’s getting chilly…

Well that’s what I am now telling my clients to keep the kids warm when we are not taking photos. However the youngest girl in this session had such a fabulous fur jacket I just couldn’t resist including it in some of the shots.

These girls were happy, relaxed and so delightful to spend time with. They even made my day by wearing black which is one of my favorite outfit color to photograph.

I am very excited about the photo gallery from this shoot. I think we are going to have some great images.





Pick of the Week…

I had lots of fun with these two siblings this week. We got some smiles whilst exploring the local park!


It was quite a lot cooler than recent sessions but this lovely little girl could still spend some time in her beautiful Summery dress!


Favorite Sisters

I photographed these girls last Spring. Their previous session happens to be one of my favorites. Here they are back again and I have to say I am just as thrilled with these images. I LOVE photographing these two sisters. Whether they are being silly or serious they work so well in front of the lens.



Fall family session.

It was great meeting this family last week and taking their photos. We were lucky to get both warm weather and some Fall color. I really enjoyed working with this friendly and relaxed family.  We’ve got some great images for the gallery. Here’s a few I selected.


This little guy was a delight to be with and the darling baby was quite content to be out as evening approached!



Center Stage…

This happy little girl took center stage for one of my sessions this week. She was a privilege to photograph. Of course the lovely dress she was wearing just had to be given a twirl!




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